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This post does not discuss a legal malpractice issue but an issue of appropriate judicial conduct. Professor Alschuler represented former Governor George Ryan in several of his post-conviction appeals. He is an Emeritus Professor of the University of Chicago Law School and a distinguished scholar in the criminal justice field.

Professor Alschuler has written a memoir of his efforts to obtain post-conviction relief for George Ryan. Professor Alschuler argues that Judge Easterbrook has a pattern of abusing lawyers at oral argument and that Judge Easterbrook has a pattern of making up facts without consulting the record on appeal. He argues that many lawyers have been afraid to challenge Judge Easterbrook.

The article is a fascinating read and every practicing lawyer should read it before forming an opinion as to its merits.

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This post is off-topic, but it is important to bloggers and writers. My initial reaction to this decision was “Whew.”

This blog often reports on cases that have been filed. When a complaint is filed, I may write a blog post even though the allegations in the complaint have not been put to the test of proof. Obviously, allegations that have not been proven are not facts, but they could become established facts after a trial.

Catalanello sued Zachary Kramer, a law professor, who wrote and article and gave a speech in which he discussed allegations that were made against Catalanello in a sexual harassment lawsuit. The plaintiff in the underlying case alleged that Catalanello harassed him for being gay. Catalanello disputed the claims. The case was later dismissed with prejudice, possibly due to a settlement.

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