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Here are a few risk management ideas for the New Year.

  1. Make sure all clients sign engagement letters and provide retainers.
  2. Make sure your malpractice insurance is up to date. Every year I defend lawyers who failed to obtain insurance. Let’s make sure that lawyer isn’t you this year.
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In the wake of recent publicity that lying to a government agent is a crime, 18 USC Section 1001, here is a set of simple instructions should two FBI agents appear in person at your home or place of business:

FBI Person – I’m Agent so and so and with me is Agent so and so and we would like to ask you a few questions:

Person – May I have your card?…Thank you. I’m going to ask you to talk to my lawyer. He will be happy to answer your questions.

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Recent developments in the news have caused me to reflect on this topic. When should a lawyer make a memo to the file?

There are news stories that former FBI Director James Comey made memos to the file to report on conversations he had with President Trump. Comey made the memos because he was concerned that Trump was asking him to violate the law or engage in some form of corrupt activity.  Comey would have been very concerned that he would later be accused of engaging in some impropriety or that Trump would make some claim about their meeting that would contradict Comey’s recollection. Comey is also smart enough to know that he needed to keep a copy of the memo to the file in his own personal papers so that no neer-do-well could destroy it after he was terminated.

A memo to the file should be made (and preserved in a way that proves when it was created) whenever the client (a) indicates that he may not follow legal advice; (b) he announces an intention to violate the law; or (c) he does not appear to be telling the truth.

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