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The Minnesota Supreme Court has disciplined a lawyer for posing as a client of a lawyer on a website and posting a false negative review.

Comment: This is another example of poor judgment in internet activity being used to punish a lawyer.

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Matter of O’Hare (2013 NY Slip Op 05320).

The New York Appellate Division has suspended a lawyer from the practice of law for one year for creating an online profile on a lesbian dating site. The lawyer who is male was also convicted of attempted aggravated harassment.

The Court described the facts as follows: “The underlying facts, which are undisputed, are as follows: the respondent, using the internet, went to a dating site for lesbians and created a sham posting by impersonating a woman whom he knew years ago; he used both his home and work computers for this activity. The respondent was aware that the sham posting would likely cause embarrassment to the woman, who was a mother of three.”

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