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Basic Questions You Should Be Able To Answer About Your Case When You Call Us

If you believe you have been harmed by the actions of an attorney, here are some questions we would need the answers to before we could decide whether or not to take your case.

  1. Who is the lawyer or law firm that you believe committed malpractice?
  2. Were you a client of that law firm? Often the defendant will argue that the claimant was not a client of his firm. What evidence do you have to show that there was an attorney-client relationship? Did the lawyer prepare an engagement letter? Did you sign the letter?
  3. When did the legal malpractice occur?
  4. When were you harmed by the legal malpractice?
  5. In what way were you harmed? Usually, you need to show economic damages to recover for legal malpractice. So, when did the lawyer’s actions cost you money?
  6. How much money did the lawyer’s actions cost you?
  7. What was the result of the matter that the lawyer handled for you? If it was a lawsuit, how did the lawsuit end? If it was a transaction, was there a closing?

You may not know the answer to all of these questions, but you should be able to answer most of them. We will need to answer these questions to determine if you have a case.

Ed Clinton, Jr.

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