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What Information Do We Need To Analyze A Potential Claim?

We are often asked to evaluate potential malpractice claims. Here is what we need to know before we can take your case:

(a) What happened? How did things go bad? Why do you believe your lawyer was responsible? In your opinion what was the mistake of the lawyer?

(b) When did it happen? This is really important because the statute of limitations is usually two years from whenever you sustained damages from the alleged malpractice. The statute of limitations is complicated and can require extensive analysis. There are often no clear answers to this question.

(c) How much money did you lose? This is a must. Lawsuits are expensive. If you lost $10,000 due to an error by an attorney, we probably cannot help you. It will cost more to bring that case than the amount of claimed damages.

(d) Remember you cannot recover pain and suffering, emotional distress or any damages of that nature. We can only recover real old-fashioned economic out-of-pocket losses.

(e) Who is the potential opposing party? We won’t represent you if the possible defendant is someone we represent.

Please be patient as we analyze your claim. We receive many calls and sometimes must review documents before we proceed.

Ed Clinton, Jr.

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