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New York Court Upholds Legal Malpractice Claim Where Lawyers Allegedly Spoke to the Wall Street Journal In Violation of Their Client’s Contract

It is always a risk to talk to the media. Here, in a pithy opinion, The New York Appellate Division, First Department upheld a legal malpractice claim against a law firm. “Plaintiff alleges that he would not have lost his contractual right to certain deferred compensation if his attorneys had not acted negligently in speaking to the Wall Street Journal, in violation of the non-disparagement provision of the contract.” The court further commented that “neither the arbitration award nor the subsequent opinions submitted by defendants unequivocally contract plaintiff’s claim…”

Source: Barr v. LIDDLE & ROBINSON, LLP, 2016 NY Slip Op 744 – NY: Appellate Div., 1st Dept. 2016 – Google Scholar

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